Connecticut CPE Requirements

CPE Information

License Renewal Deadline
12/31 annually

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Connecticut CPA CPE Deadline
Connecticut CPE Requirements

CPE Reporting Period
7/1 - 6/30 annually

General Requirement
40 hours

Ethics Requirement
Four (4) hours every 3 years in a course which covers ethical behavior and the understanding of State and National Code of Conduct, Professional Conduct and State Licensing Regulations.

Other Subject Area Requirements

  • 8 hours in the subject area of attest or compilation services for licensees who perform or supervise attest or compilation services and who sign or authorize another to sign reports on financial statements. If you have a question about which topics qualify for this, please contact your Board for clarification.

Other State Policies

  • Twenty hours of credit in excess of the minimum hours required in a period may be transferred from one reporting period to the subsequent reporting period. Carry forward credits cannot be used to satisfy Accounting and Auditing ("A&A") requirements.

Board Information

Connecticut State Board of Accountancy
450 Columbus Boulevard
Suite 901
Hartford, CT 06103
Phone: 860-713-6000
Fax: (860) 509-6247
Click here for Board Statutes

Acceptable Programs of Study: Connecticut CPE requirements state: "the overriding consideration in determining whether a specific program qualifies as acceptable continuing education is that it be a formal program of learning which contributes directly to the professional competence of an individual licensed to practice public accounting" and "the responsibility for substantiating that a particular program is acceptable and meets the requirements rests solely upon the applicant."

PLEASE NOTE: Since state board regulations are constantly changing, the information contained here is deemed reliable however it is not guaranteed. We encourage you to contact your state board to answer any questions and confirm or clarify any requirements listed here.